Dalí. Bible, Surrealism, Games

Dalí. Bible, Surrealism, Games

27 October 2022 up to 20 November 2022

At the moment, Museum Krona shows an unknown side of Salvador Dalí. For the first time in the Netherlands, the complete series with 105 scenes from the Bible - consisting of the proofs signed by Dalí by hand - will be exhibited. Museum Krona connects the graphic masterpiece with the digital game world, with animations and NFTs.

Dalí, expressionist

For the first time in the Netherlands, the hand-signed proofs of the complete series of 105 performances are shown. Due to the special printing techniques, the watercolor-like character of the series has been preserved. This is where an unknown Dali comes to light. Not a neoclassicist but an expressionist, his compositions build up from spots and color explosions. The illustrations formed the basis for the later Bible edition by the famous Milanese publisher Rizzoli. The presentation of the original series, considered one of the highlights of 20th-century biblical illustration, is complemented by the ten-part series Moïse el la Monothéisme (after Freud), printed on hides. The Bible and Moses series come from the collection of Richard H. Mayer, art office Bamberg, a great Dali collector.

De wijzen uit het Oosten, 1963-1965 © Salvador Dalí, Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2022

Video art

Within today's art, Dali's world of imagination mainly has common ground with video art, the game world and the world of virtual reality, in which the spectator and player are sucked into an almost limitless, hybrid fantasy world. Mythology and religion play an important role in the game videos. In this part of the exhibition, the role of religion in the moving images and game videos is depicted and analyzed. With this, the museum is entering uncharted territory. For this part, we collaborate with cultural theologian Frank Bosman, who regularly publishes about religion and games.

Sill from 'Dreams of Dali' (VR experience), Half Full Nelson, 2018

The worlds of Dali and the video games are connected in the exhibition by the animation by Wim Trompert and the paintings and NFTs by visual artist Niels Broszat.

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