Hidden behind Walls

Hidden behind Walls

20 April 2024 up to 22 September 2024

This exhibition is the final in a series of anniversary exhibitions focussing on 50 years Museum Krona. 50 years of Art, Monastery, and Herb Garden partially concealed behind walls. Hidden Behind Walls showcases the result of half a century of collecting, with icons, silver, sculptures, textiles, relics and paintings, from the time of Hieronymus Bosch to Marc Mulders. These works are complemented by unique loans from monasteries, churches, and from private individuals, often previously unknown to many.  Among these extraordinary objects are a wonderful crozier from 1536 from the monastery of the Norbertines of Heeswijk-Dinther and an impressive Man of Sorrows from the parish of Oostrum, made by Master Arnt who during his lifetime worked along the Lower Rhine in Kalkar and, later, in Zwolle.

© Hans Koster Herb garden. Photo: Hans Koster

The Abbey

The Abbey of the Sisters Bridgettine its cloister, chapel and surrounding grounds are not usually open to the public. Exclusively for this exhibition, the forecourt, the chapel and a selected area (two consulting and reception rooms and the main entrance) of the abbey are opened for guided tours. These tours are a unique opportunity to learn about a life of spirituality and stillness. 

© Willem Kuijpers Photo: Willem Kuijpers

The herb garden

The relationship between art and the herb garden, between inside and outside, is also sought in works of contemporary artists included in the exhibition, such as in the works of Marc Mulders and Reinoud van Vught who both have an extensive history of exhibiting in the museum. Additionally, for Hidden Behind Walls, Nan Groot Antink is creating a work of art painted with natural dye from plants in the herb garden. In combination with a group of late medieval sculptures, the artist responds to representations of Mary in painting from around 1500-1550. By doing so, medieval and contemporary art become connected. Our museum has invited dialogue and confrontation by showcasing medieval, modern and contemporary art together in exhibitions in the past 35 years. 

Photo: Willem Kuijpers
Header image | Bloemenkruis 290306 (detail). Marc Mulders, 2006. Loan from Rabobank Kunstcollectie.

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