Herb garden

Within the walls of the monastery complex is a well-kept secret: the rich medicine court. This wonderfully sheltered spot is an example of a medieval 'cruydhof': a neatly arranged herb garden with various beds surrounded by box hedges and paths. In total, more than 150 plants grow, which can be divided into four groups. In addition to a bed for medicinal plants, there are beds for culinary herbs, dye plants and rare native crops.


Ask the volunteer

The herb garden is freely accessible and is maintained every Thursday morning from March to October by a permanent group of volunteers. Ask them all your questions, they will be happy to tell you about growing, blooming and pruning of Onze Lieve Vrouwe bedstraw to St. John's wort and from Passionflower to Carthusian carnation. You can also contact them for home, garden and kitchen use of the herbs.

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